Custom Rodriguez Bicycles

What makes a bike 'Custom'? There are different definitions of custom depending on what manufacturer you are working with.

A lot of other manufacturers consider a custom bike one that they built a different size, installed different parts, or painted a different color than their standard. By that standard, every Rodriguez bicycle we make is a custom.

At Rodriguez, we started out in 1973 as a true custom builder. Every bike was built one at a time, and the parts were all selected that way as well. In the 1990's, we began to put model names together with suggested parts groups because most people shopping for bicycles want something 'complete' to compare pricing and features. The 'custom' never left Rodriguez bicycles. Realize that any bike we create is as custom as you want it to be. The parts listed for each model are simply suggestions for your comparison. If they work out for you, great! If you want something different, that's great too. Just let us know.

Cedric, 7 feet tall, and Lisa, 5 feet tall, stand with their custom Rodriguez bikes

Cedric and Lise show their very
different Rodriguez bikes.
photo courtesy of Sandy Weis

Fast forward to 2012:
Today, most manufacturers and bike shops consider every Rodriguez a custom bicycle. This is because every Rodriguez is built one at a time, specifically for the customer. We work thoroughly with the rider to ensure perfect fit and ride quality. The customer chooses the paint, frame materials, parts, upgrades, decals, and anything else they would like to have input on. If you think that one of our 'models' is close to what you want, but you want a special size, frame design, paint, gearing ratio, or some different parts, that's no problem for us. You don't have to sweat the small stuff! Just let us know what you want, and we'll work with you to make it happen.

A Bit Obsessive Compulsive are We?
I'm sure you're no worse than we are. If you're the type that wants a truly unique creation...a dream bike like the world has never seen before...then you need to experience the Rodriguez Full Custom experience! You can agonize over every detail from braze-ons to rear derailleurs...we don't mind...that's what we do all day. You might just want to visit our gallery to see a sampling of the completely custom bikes we've designed and built over the last few years. A little warning though, excessive viewing can cause a compulsion to contact us today with your dream bike design at hand.

We want to make your favorite bike! Whether you need a custom size, want custom paint, or desire a truly unique dream bicycle unlike any other, Rodriguez is your best choice.

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