The Devil's in the Details

Use the Force Luke
When we say 'buy a bike shop' that's what we mean. Lot's of companies can make a good travel bike, but it's the shop and its services that adds the value. When you buy a Rodriguez travel bike, you'll benefit from the knowledge and experience of our decades in the bicycle business. This especially shows true with the purchase of a travel bike or travel tandem from our shop.

It's easy, you'll figure it out...
Imagine being handed (or shipped) a bicycle and a suitcase and being expected to figure out from scratch how to dis-assemble the bike, finding there is no padding in the box, and fit all the pieces into the suitcase. Then, after flying for 12 hours, pick the pieces out of the box and re-assemble the whole thing and start riding. If this sounds easy to you, it's either because you haven't done it yet, or you've already done it hundreds of times.

The truth is that it's not easy at first, but when you're taught by an instructor who's done the procedure hundreds of times, the learning curve is quick. The Rodriguez instructional DVD goes a long, long way in making the job easier, but some people (like me) really like a 'hands on' training experience to become as proficient as a pro.

Price isn't the only difference
Most riders compare bicycles by their features and prices. You'll find that Rodriguez bicycles are an exceptional value by that standard, but there is a much greater added value that's not seen at the 'point of purchase'. At R+E Cycles, you're travel bike purchase doesn't end when you leave the store with your bike. With the purchase of a new Rodriguez travel bike is included our new packing lesson DVD, taught by the same talented mechanics who can teach you one-on-one. This new DVD should get your bike up and running, or apart and packed in a timely manner.

If you still need a little extra attention, we can schedule a 3 to 4 hour personal lesson to teach you how to dis-assemble/re-assemble your new travel bike for only $300.

It's not many bike shops that have the knowledge and patience to teach beginners how to pack and un-pack their new travel bike. This is why we offer this service for $500 to folks who have purchased a travel bike or travel tandem from a manufacturer who does not perform this lesson.