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We stock about 13 PPG colors, and 30+ 'House of Kolor' offerings as well.
See the list of colors Here

* Prices do not include taking all the parts off of the bike.
* Add 35% up charge for tandems
* If your bike has S&S couplings that need to be masked off, add $25 per coupling

Meet our paint department
For 2010, frame repair and paint services are available year round. Rodriguez and Trillium customers will receive a 10% discount on the prices listed. Paint services can be a bit backed up during the season from March - September, but that just means it may take longer is all.
DOWN & DIRTY - $325
$438 for a tandem frame

If you just want to change the color of your bike, and aren't really concerned about perfection. If your bike has corrosion pitting, dents, or other imperfections, they will still be there after this paint job. One protective clear coat included. Choose from any of our 13 PPG colors.

Warning; if your bike is kinda old, it may have some corrosion under the paint, so you may want to choose the STANDARD.

$573 for a tandem frame

This is the quality of paint job that you see on name brand production bikes. Expand your choices of colors too. Choose from any of our 40+ colors ( PPG or 'House of Kolor') colors. Add a little corrosion and dent fill and clear coat, and you've got a great looking bike!

$708 for a tandem frame

When Nothing but the best will do! If you want your work of art to be as smooth as glass. We will fill all the dings and corrosion, paint your bike, and then clear coat it until all of the decal edges are even smoothed out. Choose from any of our 40+ colors ( PPG or 'House of Kolor').

$270 for a tandem frame

Available on Standard and Somethin' Special. Upgrade to a Simple Fade, Super Fade, Kameleon, or Panel Mask paint job.


If your bike is made of aluminum, or, if your bike is chrome plated underneath the paint, it requires a chemical stripping. This chemical stripping process is not something that we provide. We can recommend someone, or you can do it yourself with stripping agents from your local hardware store, and bring the bike in with no paint on it.

Not you, your bike. If you strip the paint off of your bike, and bring it in pre-stripped, with no paint on it at all, we will subtract $25.00 from our paint package price.

If you want to send or bring in the bicycle as a whole bike, then there are charges to remove and re-install all of your parts. The price is quoted for each individual bike, but usually runs about $200 for a standard single bike, and $300 for a standard tandem. If you're bike is not standard (recumbent or something else that we don't see on a daily basis), or has lots and lots of accessories, extra charges will apply. Email us for a quote.

Add a touch of class to your bike and have us paint some accessories while we paint your bike. The prices below reflect the price to paint the accessories at the same time we are painting your frame. The prices do not include the actual accessories.

  • PUMP $40
  • STEM $30
  • FENDERS (pair) $90

**Anything else....call 206.527.0360 for a quote**

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