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Since the end of True Temper's S3 tubing, we've been working with multiple vendors to replace this awesome option with something as light and strong as it was. The S3 option has been off of our site for a while now as we exhausted our supply, but now we've come up with a fantastic ultra light blend from various vendors. Vari-wall has made replacements for several of the tubes that weigh in at the same weights as the S3 did, and have also proven to be as strong as the S3. The rest of the tubes are either Columbus or some custom tubing that has been made by some other tubing vendors we are working with. We are thrilled to say that we now have a tubing blend worthy of a Rodriguez or Erickson ultra-light bike!

Just like S3, our tubing blend is multi-shaped and hardened. Because of the multi-shaping and increased hardness, we can use even thinner tubing to get the same performance as a Vari-Wall ThermLX frame, which has slightly thicker tubing. Rodriguez and Erickson ultra-light frames have a well deserved reputation as excellent climbing bikes. Because of the comfort of riding steel, you'll be able to descend more confidently as well. A Rodriguez ultra-light frame rides so lively that it will convert a carbon fiend in one ride! The ovalized shape of the over-sized, thin-wall down tube provides the lateral rigidity that you'll need to climb any grade!

We've built ultra-light frames all the way down to 2.2 pounds! Wow! That's a light frame. I've yet to weigh another frame on our digital scale that is that light, and I've had manufacturer reps bring in some very expensive European racing frames. The look on their face is priceless when they find out that our $2,000 frame is lighter than their $6,000 frame.

Anyway, in a medium size (5L) you can expect a Rodrigez ultra-light frame to weigh in around 3.1 pounds (2.6 with the Outlaw upgrade). That's an extremely light weight considering the fact that it's a verified weight (not just telling you what you want to hear). Rodriguez ultra-light steel blend is probably the most remarkable frame material for making a bicycle that has been developed.

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