Silver, Sporty and Stainless

Another Rohloff bike that went out the door last week. It’s completely stainless, with a painted front triangle to give it a classic 70’s feel.

Quick Highlights:

  • Rohloff Speedhub
  • Long Reach Brakes for fenders and wide tires
  • S&S Couplers for travelling!
  • Shiny!

All of the specs for this bike can be found at the Catalog page for our Makeshift line of bicycles.

Yellow and Stainless Rodriguez side shot

Yellow and Stainless RodriguezYellow and Stainless Rodriguez

Silver Rohloff on a Rodriguez

Silver Rohloff Speedhub on a Stainless Steel Rodriguez

Yellow Rodriguez, silver S and S coupler

fenders and wide tires on Rodriguez

Rodriguez Rear TriangleStainless Rohloff cable routing

Eccentric Bottom Bracket of the Rodriguez frame

Silver Rohloff on Rodriguez Closeup

3 thoughts on “Silver, Sporty and Stainless

  1. Gorgeous. And nice integration of the mudguards !

    Did you test the last versions of the Alfine as an alternative to the Rolhoff or do you consider it does not worth it on the long term ?

    • Hi Xavier, I’m glad you like this one!

      We actually have built bikes with Alfine 8 and the new Alfine 11 speed. We’ve been testing them out so you don’t have to!

      There is a pretty good summary of the differences in Alfine 8, 11 and Rohloff on our Alfine information page at

      Let me know if you have any questions; we’ll be adding that chart to the blog soon, too.

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