July 30, 2013

I love the new bike! Took it climbing in the mountains (Rocky Mountain National Park) and never got below gear 5; although I was neither acclimated nor road-hardened, and couldn't sustain much. I was anaerobic spinning or powering. The low gearing was definitely there, with margin for weight and altitude. The ride is so smooth ... well, I've never been on anything like it except in your shop. I listen to the low hub gearing, trying for a flawless rotation noise: tough coach it is. Riding at night with the Schmidt hub is such an improvement over batteries: the difference between confidence and hope! Between the two hubs, I expected to feel Resistance, but I'm not conscious of any while pedaling; although on steep drops downhill, the bike doesn't run up to high speeds. Between the tires and the frame, bumps are very much attenuated. My hands love the handlebar, and my core is keeping my weight off my hands. Having a bike that truly fits is a luxury, especially when it's mechanically superb. I've packed it, and unpacked it, assembled it and disassembled it several times, and will continue to do this throughout this summer.

Thank you for everything you have done for me, Dan.

Best regards,

Jack Nicholson