July 20, 2008

When I was in the market for a custom track bike, many options were available, so I explored frame builders from all over the country. Due to my long inseam and torso, I already own a custom road bike which I bought from a frame-builder in California.

Several builders offer custom frames at competitive prices. I considered following the forms on their websites to take my own measurements and determine my frame specifications. The more I considered the details, it became very important to me to speak face to face with the person designing and building my bike. After researching my local options, I felt most comfortable with the crew at R&E Cycles.

I am extremely pleased with my decision to ask R&E Cycles to design and build my bike. They had endless patience and flexibility as we determined the details of my dream bike. Their support and enthusiasm continues well after the purchase since they make you feel like family each time you enter their shop. I also enjoy seeing the employees of R&E out in our local biking community as they watch customers enjoying their bikes.

Thanks R&E Cycles! See you at the Marymoor Velodrome for Wednesday and Friday night racing!

Rob Pezely
Seattle, WA

January 31, 2009

Hey Scott, Smiley and Dan,

Hope you guys are doing great.

Attached is my favorite picture. Finished first for 5 points in final sprint. 4x4 Points Race, Friday Night Racing 6/13/2008.