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We've been manufacturing bicycles in Seattle for 35 years now. Over those 35 years, we've had to design and make several different bicycle parts in order to ensure that our bikes work better than others on the market. This was expensive because most machine shops in our area are set up for 'space age' accuracy. For most purposes, parts don't need to be made for that level of accuracy, but we had to pay for it anyway.

For years we put off making some of the products you'll see on this web site. It just seemed like we either had to pay through the nose to have the pieces CNC machined one at a time to space age precision, or spend months or even years working with overseas companies to get the products made for us in huge quantities.

The answer was to set up our own small machine shop to make small runs of our own designs. Well, after just a few years things are running so smoothly that we are opening the machine shop for small production runs of your parts this winter. If you're a hobbyist in need of a reasonably priced machine shop, or if you've got an idea for a part you'd like machined, give us a call and we'll give you an idea of cost and feasibility. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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Bicycle Products That We Make

The Bushnell Eccentric Bottom Bracket

Bushnell Eccentric Bottom Bracket

The Bushnell Eccentric is a bicycle part for adjusting chain tension on tandem and single speed bicycles. We now manufacture about 2,000 per year. We make them in batches of 500.

As you can see from the picture, it consists of many machined parts. We were able to develop techniques for manufacturing the product efficiently right here in Seattle.

Many bicycle manufacturers use our product as a standard specification. We even get orders from companies in Taiwan and Europe.

If you have a part that you need to have produced in quantities, but you're not ready for the overseas commitments and headaches, why not give us a try?

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The Trillium Big Squeeze Bicycle Brake

Trillium Big Squeeze Brakes

This is a new product that we started just last winter. We make these in batches of 125. The idea had been in our heads for years, but with our machine shop running smoothly now, we put the idea into production. We now produce and sell the Trillium Big Squeeze brakes at a steady pace, and the customers who buy them are thrilled!

There are many products in the bicycle world that just aren't available. The Big Squeeze brakes were one of those items that our customers want, but the industry won't produce. We found that trying to get them produced by a company with a CNC machine was so cost restrictive, that we abandoned the idea for years.

I know those ideas are out there in other industries as well, and we are not limiting our machine shop to bicycle parts anymore. If you've got an idea, and want help getting prototypes made, or you just need someone to produce your part in an affordable fashion, give us a shout.

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Rodriguez Spoke Nipple Tray

The Custom Spoke Nipple Tray

Here's a product that we originally made for fun. It just holds spoke nipples and the tool for loading them. Bicycle mechanics loved the product, so now we offer them as a product. We make them one at a time as they are ordered.

If you have an idea, no matter how small, let us look at it and you might be surprised at how cost effective we can make it.

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AL26 Derailleur Hanger

The AL26 Derailleur Hanger

Here's a product that we make in batches of 50. These are a very specialized part that only fit on a high-end bicycle that was manufactured 20 year ago. There are plenty of people out there who need this part, but not enough demand for a 'space-age' precision shop to make just 50 of these in any affordable fashion.

If you've got an idea, let us help you make it affordably, and in quantities that won't overwhelm you.

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