The Rodriguez Journey Design Difference

We're seeing more folks loading their touring bikes up for an extreme self supported trip than we ever have in the past. While the Rodriguez UTB Basic has been the bike of choice for many of these people over the last 2 decades, we've noticed that we've been building a large number of extreme duty touring bikes as of late. These customers are finding that even a bike built for heavy touring flexes and shimmies under the weight and conditions that they are exposing their bike to. We've had enough requests that we've taken our UTB to the next level and decided to offer this build as a model:

Introducing the Rodriguez UTB Journey.
The Rodriguez UTB Journey version might look like any other heavy duty touring bike on the surface, but it's not! As a tandem manufacturer, we have techniques and materials for building bicycles that are designed for way more weight and abuse than other heavy duty touring bikes. While still lighter than most other brands, the Journey is built to eliminate the oscillation and 'flexiness' of the other designs.

The Journey difference starts with our famous Rodriguez super-sized 1 1/2" diameter tandem down tube that's ovalized at the bottom bracket and the head tube. This gives your bike's bottom bracket and front triangle significant resistance to side flex that overloaded touring bicyclists experience on 'round' tube bikes.

Next, we add our Rodriguez tandem chain stays and seat stays. This gives your rear triangle even more strength for the resistance to side flex and better braking, especially while heavily loaded with gear.

Finally, we add a custom made, hand-built Rodriguez heavy duty tandem front fork. We build even wider than our standard tandem fork for even wider tire and fender clearances. You can load it up with more weight than ever before and the blades are designed to take it all in stride. The steering tube is also tandem duty, so your braking up front will be more solid than other touring bikes. It all adds up to extra security, a better handling bike (especially with a large amount of gear), and the best value in the industry.