Reynolds 725

Reynolds 725 frame tubing sticker

This heat treated cro-moly tubing is precision butted and offered in a wide range of tube sizes for all styles of frames. This material is ideal for TIG welding and brazing, with joining by lug or lugless construction. 725 is a material that allows thin gauge, tight tolerance tube, providing maximum weight saving for competitive use.

This tubing rides like a classic, comfortable, light-weight steel frame. It is a bit heavier and less expensive than our Vari-Wall Supertherm material, but is just as durable and fun to work with. Although this is our lowest cost option, it is still a very high quality product. I realize that lot of mass-produced bikes have "cro-moly" stickers on them. These bikes are usually quite heavy and kind of give steel a bad reputations as being 'heavy'. Now, if you've read my frame materials article, you know this to be the case for the other materials as well.

Most mass produced cro-moly frames will weigh around 5 to 5.5 pounds. This is because they use lower grade cro-moly for the 3 main tubes only (seat, top and down tube), and then often use a much heavier high-tensile steel for the rest of the bike. :-(

We do things differently :-). All Rodriguez frames are hand-built with high-quality tubing that is much lighter than a standard mass-produced cro-moly frame. When we build a Rodrigez frame from Reynolds 725, the whole frame is high grade, heat treated cro-moly.

Weights - weights listed are for frames built for standard road brakes (disc brakes add some weight)
Final weights vary depending on frame size and type, but a recently built medium sized (6S) Rodriguez Competition sport frame weighed just under 4 pounds (3 pounds 15 ounces). This is a very respectable verified weight for the price. Expect a sport Rodriguez 725 frame to weight in the range of 3.8 ~ 4.25 pounds.

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