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Rodriguez Bike Sizes

Looking for Rodriguez Stock Sizing Chart?

We realize that most manufacturers will recommend a frame size by your height. At Rodriguez, we feel that's about as accurate as recommending a shoe size by your height. Until 2016, we didn't even publish frame geometries as we are sp focussed on the perfect fit. You see, we've probably professionally fit more people to more bikes than just about any other manufacturer. Sound far fetched? Read our history of fitting.

If a bike doesn't fit right, it's not going to be ridden. A bike not ridden is a very sad bike. Our efforts here at Rodriguez Bicycles to prevent the creation of very sad bikes has been nonstop since the 1970's. This has resulted in more stock sizes of Rodriguez bicycles than any other manufacturer. Twenty stock sizes to be exact. Data from over 12,000 riders was considered when developing our NEXT-fit software back in 2006.

Along with the development of the NEXT-fit software system came the realization that we could fit 90 to 95% of our customers if we built our Rodriguez bicycles in 20 sizes instead of just 5 or 6 like the other guys.

FYI - The chart below is to show how many sizes we have vs. other manufacturers. It is not meant to be a guide to determine your correct frame size. Here's our method for size determination.

Rodriguez Bicycles are offered in
20 production sizes,
in addition to
custom size for just $200 extra.

Here's a quick comparison:

Size illustration