April 2, 2005
Scott, Smiley & Dan

I was just a little nervous leaving for my inaugural ride on Saturday morning...would I really notice much difference? Would I appreciate the new ride especially since MANY of my friends were waiting to hear how I could possibly justify "another" bike purchase? In a word..."awesome". The ride was wonderful and passed my expectations. On a more important note, however, I got to experience first hand why I send all my cycling friends to your shop. The customer service supplied by Scott and Smiley once again blew me away. In an era of larger stores winning, you guys continue to set the bar which seems to be unattainable by the other ordinary stores. Your knowledge of the industry coupled with a customer first attitude is a winning combo.

It almost makes me sad to leave on our tandem trip on Tuesday because that means I will be away from the new ride for eight days! Thanks again for putting up with me over the last six weeks. I will continue to give your shop the high praise it deserves.