April 2011


When I got my S3 last year I could not believe how fast it was and how fast it could accelerate. When I was riding it one day, in a state of bliss, I decided to call it "Speedy Rodriguez" after that cartoon character "Speedy Gonzalez". Well, we decided to call our new tandem "Two Speedy" which is also a play on the words "Too Speedy".

Yesterday we had a great ride, with no mechanical issues, in wonderful weather. We were going on streets/ hills, that on our other tandem, we would be 3-5mph slower. We got passed on a steep hill by a smug team rider and then, a couple of miles later, we blew by him at 27 on a slightly downhill flat section. He didn't catch us again until the next hill! I am still amazed at its cornering ability- we took some turns at 20, and it felt totally stable. After one turn (where I heard a little rubber burn) you could see on the front tire where it was asymmetrically rubbed from the right turn! (Jen thought that turn was a little too aggressive). The ride is amazing and the fit is perfect! thanks again for all your and your shop mates do to make such fun possible.