August 2011


I promised a few photos of my trip. Sorry I'm just now getting around to sending them but here are a few of the bike. I left my doorstep in Oklahoma on June 9th and have taken a rather indirect path to Oregon. I've ridden over 3000 miles to get here and I'm three days away from the coast. I'll take a few days to visit my sister in Salem but then I plan to tour the Oregon coast before flying home.

The bike has been a dream to ride. The fit is perfect. I have no aches or pains from riding it all this distance. The Rohloff hub has been wonderful. I am so spoiled to it now. There have been so many other bike tourist who have complimented me on what a beautiful bike I am riding.

Although my route has been mostly on paved roads I have also spent several days travel on unpaved roads and trails. One off road mountain pass in particular was in such poor condition that a full suspension mountain bike was almost needed. However, the bike exceeded my expectations in the way it handled. This truly is an expedition level bike. I would not hesitate to ride this bike in third world countries.


Kurt McDaniel