March, 2005

Why orange and black?

I don't concisely know, but sub concisely, my two favorite bikes growing up were my black schwinn 10 speed and my dads orange 10 speed which I rode when I had broken my black bike.

I could have chosen black to yellow since yellow was the color of my first bike, a schwinn stingray. but I didn't.

I could have painted it white to match the color of the bone chip that had to be pulled out of my body, or red for the blood, or pale gray for the layer of fat the doctor had to slice through, or yellow for the Vicadin I took after the surgery, yahoo!!! (Note: Matt bought his bike after a long recovery from a knee injury that occurred quite a while ago when he fell in a shopping center)

PS big shout out to Dan, Scott, Dennis, Painter-gal, Assembly-guy, and Smiley at RODRIGUEZ BIKES (

Don't have your bike made by anyone else. They rock. Nice people. They let me make the bike I wanted and never said "No, that's stupid." Even though they may have wanted to.

THANX DAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im so glad I called you.

Matt on his Orange and Black Rodrigez