February 2005

Dan, Scott, Smiley & R&E gang:

I've got 230 miles on the bike. I absolutely love it! When I ordered the bike I stated that I wanted a bike that had both performance and comfort. You guys delivered! The bike is awesome, and it is SO much fun to ride. I've ridden on variety of terrain from long 18% grades to rolling hills and some flats. The bike is a climbing machine with the compact crank setup. I can climb very comfortably and the frame has enough lateral stiffness that I feel like I'm getting really efficient power transfer. The bike is very nimble. The bike seems to respond instantly and predictably to any input I give it. The ride is silky smooth and comfortable. The frame seems to have about as perfect alignment as humanly possible to achieve. I feel like I can ride hands off on a train track rail for miles on end (I probably won't actually try this). The wheels you guys built up are super. I think you guys build the best wheels I've ever seen. The S3 frame is amazing. I still can't believe how light the bike is for a steel frame.

Give everyone at the shop (and I believe everyone had some part in building my bike) my sincere thanks for building one of the best bikes on the planet.

Best regards,

Mike Moreland