Big Squeeze Brakes




  • One set (for one wheel) brake arms and necessary components
  • Wet weather condition brake pads
  • “Tri-dangle” straddle saddle
  • Straddle cable
  • Cable knarp (and 2mm allen key)
  • Online Installation manual

Some assembly required.

The Big Squeeze™ is an old school cantilever brake with several new, (patented) improvements over any other brake available. It’s also the only brake on the market specifically designed with the tandem rider in mind.

  • Ease of adjustment
    On any brake, adjusting the toe of the brake pads is essential for proper performance. On a true old school cantilever, the toe adjustment was very difficult to fine tune. A young bike mechanic will still tremble at the thought of adjusting the dreaded cantilever brake. The Big Squeeze™ fixes this problem completely. No more dreaded ‘preset notches’ for toe adjustment. This makes it much easier to align the pads exactly where you want them and eliminate brake squeal.
  • No more Mr. squeaky!
    Adjusting the approach angle of the brake arms is necessary in a cantilever to adjust for different frame designs/sizes. Usually, this adjustment has to be done using the posts on the brake pads. This often causes a lot of flex resulting in loss of braking power or that deafening squeal. On the Big Squeeze™, the pivot at the top of the arm allows for angle adjustment. This means that the pads can be set to full depth against the mounting hardware. A much firmer feel, and less vibration is the result (no squeal).
  • Lots more power!
    In a traditional cantilever design the brake loses power as the saddle (or yoke) raises upwards because the angle of the straddle changes. So, the more you apply the brake, the more your mechanical advantage is diminished. The Big Squeeze™ eliminates this problem by pulling from the bottom of the brake arm.