Kinekt Seatpost


The only high performance suspension seatpost that we recommend, either for everyday riding or as a stoker seatpost in a tandem.



The Kinekt (formerly Bodyfloat) works on a different principal than all other suspension seat posts before it. Instead of having a falling rate design, it has a ‘rising rate’ design. The Kinekt springs are lighter at the top, and gradually get stiffer as the seat drops. No more having to lift your self off the seat to raise the seat back to start position. It also drops just slightly as your weight sits onto the post like the old Softride beam design did. The wheels can drop in and out of bumps while you, the rider, stays stationary in space. For a full history and description of this seatpost, please see our blog post.
The Kinekt is available in two diameters. 27.2mm, which fits most bikes, and 25.4mm. Other sizes can be adapted to one of these two sizes with a shim available in most bike shops.