Trillium Chrome Now for Something Completely Different
So you've scanned the site and haven't seen your bike yet? Not to worry, we make it! This page highlights some 'out of the ordinary' bikes that we offer as models in our Rodriguez line, and some that defy classification all together.

As a custom builder, we are constantly finding that some of these 'abnormal' bikes have a lot more appeal than the industry would expect, and make them into a model. Below are some of the bikes these as models in our Rodriguez line that other companies don't as well as links to our really 'over-the-top' purely custom bikes.

In order of 'Uniqueness'...

8-ball graphic 8-ball Tandem with the middle section out The Rodriguez 8-Ball Tandem/Single Convertible

Way back in the last millennium (1997) we built the first tandem that could be easily converted to a single bike. Not only that, but the entire thing could be packed into a suit case for taking on an airplane. The most versatile bike in our line-up was born. The Rodriguez 8-ball. We have included this bike as a model for several years now and it has really taken off. We've built several of these amazing creations over the last 15 years and no 2 are the same!

A complete Bike, in a bucket! Thumbnail of the Rodriguez 6-Pack The Rodriguez 6-pack Micro-Folder
Originally a specialty Micro-folder, the Rodriguez 6-pack has become quite a popular standard model for our serious go-anywhere traveller customers. This is a Micro-folder that truly rides like a real bike. If you currently ride a Dahon, or a Bike Friday, you will be very interested in this little guy. Almost all of our 6-pack customers used to ride on a competing brand of micro-folder.

Rohloff speed hub graphic Rohloff Cutaway The Rodriguez Make-Shift (Rohloff Bikes & Tandems)
A few years ago, we only built two or three Rohloff equipped bikes each year on a custom basis only. Now we have a full line of Rohloff and other internally geared bikes and tandems that we sell dozens of each year. If you're the type that doesn't want to bother with derailleurs, the Make-Shift line of bicycles and tandems from Rodriguez is worth a good look.

Super Long Bikes for 3,4 & 5 people
Only a few companies in the US even attempt to build bicycles longer than a tandem. We build them for any number of riders you want.


Outlaw Guy Small Image of the Rodriguez Outlaw The Rodriguez Outlaw Uber-Light Race Bike

This bike started as a challenge to build a steel race bike with all stock parts that was lighter than the UCI limit for professional racing. What it turned into was probably the sweetest riding sub 15 pound bike on the planet! If you want to ride a super light race bike, but you want to be comfortable at the same time, this steel stallion is a must see!

A Feather, because this bike is light! Lightweight Tandem The Rodriguez Trillium Feather-Weight Steel Tandem

A revolutionary steel tandem design exclusively from Rodriguez Bicycles. One of the lightest tandems available at a digitally verified 26.8 pounds including bottle cages and pedals. If you are shopping high-end race tandems, this feather-weight is a must see! Nobody has anything like it at this price.

A Titanium Tandem! Another Ti Tandem! Rodriguez Titanium Bikes and Tandems
At Rodriguez Bicycles, we're famous for our light-weight steel bikes. But, if you're in the mood for titanium, we've brought it back. Many people don't know that we offer hand-made, custom ti frames and tandems again. Maybe not as light as our steel bikes, but some people just love titanium and far be if for us to say no.