The Company Bike replaces The Company Car

Many of you don’t know this, but we actually build a lot of company themed bikes. Over the years we’ve done some very unique ‘company branded’ bicycles. This year alone, we’ve done several really cool creations. I thought you might like to see some of the projects we’ve done (past and present). We’re working on a few high profile bikes right now, but here’s some of the projects we’ve already done. Maybe you have an idea for a company bike for your own place of work….hint hint.

If you own a company, or maybe you’re in charge of promotions at your company, we’d be honored to build a theme bike for you. We’ve got a lot of creative minds here, and we’re happy to put them to work promoting your company. C’mon, the company car is outdated, and the company bike is in!

Without further ado, I present some Rodriguez Company Theme Bikes:

Johnsonville Logo
Johnsonville had us build a chopper for their character Carl, the great bratsgiver. Next time you’re enjoying some great Johnsonville brats (or hot Italian sausages), think of Carl and his sweet Rodriguez chopper. You really need to see the full image gallery to appreciate all of the detail on this ride.

Johnsonville Brats Chopper

Gutter Stuff Logo

GutterStuff had us build a flagship Erickson Ultra-light tandem complete with their logo and clouds. This bike is so sweet that I want one! I think it’s great advertising to have a nice looking bike like this one advertising your company…..don’t you?

The next time you’re up on the roof scooping out the sludge from your gutters, think of GutterStuff and make that job a ‘never again’!

Gutter Stuff Erickson ultra-light weight tandem

Raleigh Bicycles Logo
The Raleigh Bicycle Company had us build a flagship bicycle for their company this year, the Azuba. This bike was a real challenge to build quickly, but it turned out really well. Check out the full image gallery of this bike. I think you’ll be amazed at the detail.

Raleigh Azuba Bicycle by Rodriguez

Claritin Logo
The Claritin company had us build a bicycle built for 5 people that they used for a promotional event with celebrity actor Josh Duhamel.

Bicycle built for five people with Josh Duhamel

Seattle Seahawks Log

When the Seattle Seahawks were on their way to win the Superbowl against the Broncos, Seattle’s Mayor called on us to build something special for the Mayor’s Superbowl bet. We think we did pretty well for just having two days notice. That bike was auctioned off for charity. But, the Seahawks liked it so much, one of them had us build another just like it for a charity event he was putting on. That one still hangs in our shop museum.

Seattle Seahawks Bicycle

Foster Farms Logo
Foster Farms chicken company ordered a pair of custom tandems for promotional purposes. Lots of fun details on these bikes too. They did one for California grown chicken, and one for Pacific Northwest grown chicken.

Foster Farms Tandem Bicycle California

Foster Farms Tandem Bicycle Pacific Northwest

Rainier Beer Logo
A local bar owner asked us to design and build a theme bike around his favorite Northwest classic beer, Rainier Beer. The bike turned out sensational! Check out the image gallery to see all the cool detail.

Rodriguez Custom tandem in Rainier Beer theme

Guinness Beer Logo
Originally built for a customer who loves Guinness Extra Stout beer (one of my favorites as well), this bike was soon adapted and endorsed by the Guinness Beer company. Again, there are many details that you’ll miss on this one if you don’t visit the image gallery entry for it.

Guinness Extra Stout Custom Bicycle

So there you go. I hope this has given you some ideas and maybe gotten you thinking of a bicycle for the company that you own or work for.

Thanks for reading -Dan

What’s keeping you from buying a bicycle built for 3, 4 or 5??

One of the most visited pages on our website over the last year is our Xtra-long bike page. There’s not many manufacturers that make bicycles for 3 or more people, and for some reason, there’s a lot of families interested in them right now.

Even with all of that interest, some people have a hard time committing to owning one of these creations. There are a few obstacles that can make these bikes impractical to own. These were all things that I struggled with too before I designed the Xtra-long bike that my family rode for 6 fun years. I thought I should share my experiences and let you all know why we make our Xtra-long bikes the way we do. There are some Rodriguez differences that can save you thousands of dollars. If done right, your experience can be amazing, and can create great bicycle memories for you and your family to look back on. I know this personally.

So, let’s get down to business. Here’s the objections most people have to actually jumping in and buying one of these bikes.

1.) How do I store it?
A bicycle built for 3 is too long to hang on a ceiling hook. One built for 4 or 5 can be up to 15 feet long. Where’s that going to go?

2.) How do I transport it?
There are lots of ways to transport a single, or even a tandem. But a triple, quad, or quint is so long that it won’t fit on top of a car or in the back of a pickup truck.

3.) It’s such a specialty bike. Will it get ridden enough to make it worth the price?
Most people who want a triple, quad or quint already own single bikes and a tandem. So, adding another expensive bike that will only be ridden if all parties are available seems impractical.

bicycle built for 5 on top of a car

You can benefit from our experience

After years of building bicycles for 2, 3, 4 and 5, we’ve learned a thing or two. We are one of the oldest, if not the oldest, of the Xtra-long bicycle manufacturers still building in the U.S.

My family rode a bicycle built for 4 for several years while my kids were young, so I have a lot of experience in the subject. These are all things that I struggled with before we built our quad. The solution: S&S couplers and some Rodriguez ingenuity.

Let me tackle these obstacles one at a time.

1.) Storage: This one is very easy to solve. Every Xtra-long Rodriguez includes at least enough S&S couplers to take the bike into 2 parts quickly and easily. Having two halves makes storage much easier (take it from someone who knows). There is no extra charge on our Xtra-long bikes to have this feature.

2.) Transporting the bike: Another huge benefit for the S&S couplers in your new Rodriguez Xtra-long bike is transporting it. In my case, I simply took the bike in half (takes about 2 minutes), and was able to easily fit it in my little clam-shell style tandem hauler. I could fit the whole quad in there, as well as my road bike, the kids bikes, and all of our luggage for any trip we took. If I didn’t want to use the trailer, I could easily haul the bike as a tandem on my tandem rack, and the other 2 sections were small enough to put in the back of the van behind the rear seat.

Having enough couplers to take the bike into 2 parts is a must for all of our Xtra-long bike customers, and that’s why we include at least enough couplers for that to happen at no charge.

3.) It’s such a specialty bike, will it get ridden enough?
This is certainly an important consideration for most families, and was for us as well. Truth be told, if I would’ve just built a quad for our family, I don’t think it would have been ridden enough to make it worth it. Sure, we could’ve saved a little money up front, but it would be really expensive in the end. Read on…

S&S couplers, strategically placed, can make your Xtra-long bike quite manageable

This is where Rodriguez ingenuity really comes in. I designed our bike to be easily convertible from 2, to 3, to 4 in just minutes. Here at Rodriguez, we have a staff of rare birds, so anything is possible. The frame shop team can build just about anything, so this was no challenge at all to build.

This turned out to be the best money spent. As it turned out, most of the riding we did on this bike was done as a tandem. Even on vacation, I left the bike set up as a tandem and we did morning rides as a couple. Then, if the weather was good, and the kids wanted to ride, I made it into a quad. We could do a leisurely family ride into town and have ice cream. If one kid preferred to stay at Grandma’s house instead of riding, we left that section out of the bike. It was like owning a tandem, a triple and a quad, but a lot less hassle (and expense).

The Wrap-up and Recommendations

Make sure your Xtra-long bike is a vacation bike
Had we just built it as a quad only, then I don’t think I would’ve bothered taking it on vacation with us. The tandem is a must, as are the single bikes. So, how would I take all of those bikes, as well as the quad? Answer: I wouldn’t have. That would’ve been a shame, because it turned out that the most fun we had with this bike was on vacations.

Instead, it went on every vacation we took from 2006 ~ 2013, and was ridden in some configuration just about every day on those vacations.

Riding into Rupert, Idaho for the 4th of July parade on a quad was a blast for us and the kids. Believe me, cars slow down when they see a quad, and they usually roll the windows and start asking questions (which the kids love to answer). Riding through the Idaho farmlands as a family ‘racing’ Grandma and Grandpa on their tandem made for some lifelong memories. Then, while Grandma and Grandpa kept the kids for a few days, Marcie and I could take the tandem and spend the time in Sun Valley riding the trails up there.

Bicycle built for four people

Riding into Rupert for the annual 4th of July parade in 2007. Photo Courtesy of Grandma Sally

At home, we left the bike as a tandem for our morning rides. It was our only tandem. We didn’t need multiple bikes. On weekends through the summer, I often put it back into quad mode and we went for an evening ride. Again, ice cream, dinner, coffee shop, you name it. Riding with the kids is quite a bit different than the 2 of us riding as a couple.

Had I built it as a quad only, this would’ve been the only riding it ever got. Instead, it got ridden several times per week as a tandem, occasionally as a quad around town, and almost every day of our vacations. Like we say, a bicycle that gets ridden is a happy bicycle.

Would we do it again?
Yes, absolutely! Our kids have outgrown the quad, and it was sold in 2014 for someone else to enjoy. But the memories live on. The only thing I would’ve done differently is that I wish we would’ve done it 3 years earlier. Having 3 more years to enjoy the family quad rides would be something we would cherish. That being said, I really loved the 6 years we had on the bike, and if it’s in your budget, I highly recommend it.

Back on Point
Obstacles to owning an Xtra-long bike: As you can see, all of these obstacles can easily be overcome here at Rodriguez. It might cost a little more up front, but it certainly saves a lot of money to have one bike that can serve as your everyday tandem, your vacation bike, as well as your Xtra-long family bike. Not to mention the added bonus of strorage and transportation.

Thanks for reading, and I hope this clears up some of those nagging questions so you can go ahead and order your Rodriguez Xtra-long bike 😉

Thanks for reading – Dan – 2017