Ultralights from Rodriguez Bicycles!
Dan - 2005

Stacia (a very serious triathlete and professional Tri coach) came to us and wanted us to build 2 Rodriguez frames for her. She wanted one for road riding, and one for race day. She wanted them both to be made from the lightest weight frame materials available (that are still sturdy enough to ride). We came up with a design for the first bike made from Easton Scandium aluminum with a carbon fiber rear triangle, and the frame came in at 2.2 lbs (that translates to really @#$%^ light!).

Since we were going to build 2 bikes for her, Scott suggested that we build the second bike with the new S3 Steel from True Temper. He said that it would be as light as the first bike. I love steel bikes myself, but I didn't see how we could possibly build a steel frame at 2.2 lbs. The challenge was out, and Stacia said that it would be all right for us to try. Well, yesterday the frame was finished, and it weighed in at a stunning 2.2 lbs! Here are the pictures of the 2 frames side by side. Now you can have the ride and durability of steel, and still have the lightest frame on the market!

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Space Age!
Stacia's 2.2 pound Scandium/Carbon frame
Unreal Steel!
Stacia's 2.2 pound S3 steel frame

The S3 bike is Stacia's new 'race day' bike. Here's a shot of it finished.

Read what Stacia has to day about her new bike!

I just picked up my new Rodriguez S3 bike at the start of this triathlon season and what a way to start out! I was riding a carbon fiber triathlon bike for many years so I was concerned about the weight of my new S3 bike. Well I was so happy when the bike frame tipped the scales at only 2.2 pounds and my complete bike is lighter than my old carbon fiber bike! I now have a 17 pound complete bike made of steel. The ride is great! The steel frame rides smooth and comfortable! Last weekend in my first 1/2 Ironman race of the season I recorded a bike split 10 minutes faster than last year! My great custom fit keeps me comfortable in the aero position and the light and responsive frame climbs great!