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All Classes are Hands On

This year at R+E Cycles we're letting the cat out of the bag. You can learn our secrets for repairing your own bicycle. Here's some of the classes that we're offering. The repair courses are available starting in October.

Bicycle Repair Classes - Call 206.527.0360 to register or email us
All classes are hands-on, and you get to work on your own bike. We work to your schedule.
Instructors: Seattle Bike Repair mechanics - John Lehman and Beau Hart

Read our class cancellation policy.

All classes are $100 per hour of instruction. Refer to class description or call and speak with a mechanic to determine how many hours to expect for what you want to learn

Road Side Repair
(max. 4 people per class)
In this 1.5-3 hour class you will learn how to fix the things that stop your ride.

Getting Greasy
(max. 2 people per class)
Ready for the next level of bike repair? Getting Greasy is the perfect way to gain a thorough knowledge of your bike -- how it works, how to clean it, and how to care for it. During this two evening class, you'll learn how to thoroughly clean your drive train and make various adjustments to the whole bike, including:

The Overhaul Course
(max. 1 person per class)
This is it, the Ultimate Rodriguez Class. In it you'll learn how to perform a Rodriguez Seasonal Overhaul, the most comprehensive service we offer at the shop. This 6-hour course is the class for the person who has the skills that the 'Getting Greasy' course covers, but wants to learn everything there is to know about their bike! In this class you will strip your bike and completely overhaul it. The price includes new bearings for your hubs and headset and a new set of cables and housing. (Other parts extra.) Whew! Sounds like fun. Below are some of the things you'll learn in this extensive course:
Wheel Building
(max. 1 person per class)
Here at R+E Cycles we make it a point to only sell handbuilt wheels to our customers. Have you ever wondered how to build a round, true wheel from the spokes up? Here's your chance to work one-on-one to build a wheel for yourself at your own pace. In this class you'll learn:
S&S Packing Lesson
(max. 1 person per class)
Did you get an S&S coupled bike and have no idea how to get it to the other side of the world? Need a refresher course before your next trip? In this 2-3 hour course, you'll learn to to disassemble, pad, and fit your bike into a case and how to put the whole thing back together. The class includes the padding to keep your bike safe from damage.
The class does not include the cost of an S&S case.

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