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Installed Big Squeeze Brakes
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Shown with Mathouser pad upgrade
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Patent Symbol Graphic If you've been in the tandem business as long as we have (since 1973) you've done a lot of adapting. It seems that most of the major manufacturers don't see a need to develop components specifically designed for tandem use. So, we tandem makers have had to make do by adapting parts made for single bikes and mountain bikes into our parts specifications. Brakes are one of those areas that have been completely abandoned by the big guys, so we decided to do something about it! While everyone else is busy trying to adapt the latest mountain bike brake for tandem use, we're thinking out of the box. We developed our own brake, and in 2012 were issued a full patent on our design.

If you have a mountain bike, use a brake that was designed for a mountain bike. If you ride a tandem, use a brake that is designed for a tandem!

Introducing the patented Big Squeeze® tandem & touring brake from Rodriguez Bicycle Company.

The benefits of cantilever brakes for tandems, touring bikes and travel bikes are undeniable. Length of pad wear, ease of mounting racks, fenders, wide tires etc... We love the cantilever brakes of the distant past (not to be confused with the U-brake or V-brake which we hated), and now we've developed the cantilever brake of the future. Below is a picture of the Big Squeeze® cantilever brake. We now produce the Big Squeeze® brakes by the hundreds, and sell them all over the world.

The Big Squeeze® is an old school cantilever brake with several new, patented improvements over any other brake available. It's also the only brake on the market specifically designed with the tandem and self-contained touring rider in mind. How about that? All the advantages of a cantilever with all the major drawbacks solved. If you ride a tandem or a touring bike, you can't get a lighter weight, better designed brake....why compromise?

Want to see some pictures of the brakes? Have any questions about setting up your own? Head over to the Big Squeeze Installation Manual!

fork with Big Squeeze Brakes installed
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Shown with Mathouser pad upgrade

The patented Big Squeeze® Brakes
from R+E Cycles

Cost is $125 per wheel

To purchase a set give us a call at 206-527-4822, email me or
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