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Current Issue - Fall 2018.

New Electric Bicycle Options! Our winter commuting tips and specials. 2018 season recap. Seattle's New Favorite Bicycle....The Rodriguez Phinney Ridge. Enjoy!

For over 30 years years, the R+E Cycles newsletter was a staple in the Seattle bicycle scene. Our circulation was over 20,000 at its peak in the mid 1990's. As the internet became more and more the source of information gathering, our circulation began to shrink as our online presence increased. We no longer print a frequent paper newsletter, but instead I write the articles and put them up the site as articles, and post on our news blog. We do occasionally print a smaller version of the once famous "Quick Release" as Angel Called it. The archives below exist for your enjoyment and a historical record I suppose. I hope that you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

These newsletters are between 1 ~ 4 megabytes in size. After downloading, your browser may automatically open these files. If not, it will open in Adobe Reader 3.0 or greater (available for FREE at www.adobe.com).

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Winter 2017
The best new tires around! Paint and Overhaul special....a yearly favorite. Winter commuting. 2017 Floor bike closeouts. Enjoy! Spring 2017.
Gravel Grinders, Electric Assisted Bicycles, Rainier Season is Here! Lost of Spring specials as well. Feature on the new Rodriguez Bandito, and the Phinney Ridge loses weight! Enjoy!

Fall 2016.
Our second mini newsletter. Just like last years, this one was built in PageMaker 5.0 (crica 1993) using macintosh OS 8.5. As it turned out, many of you loved getting last years newsletter, so I couldn't resist. Enjoy!
October - November 2015.
The first newsletter in 4 years! This one was built in PageMaker 5.0 (crica 1993) using macintosh OS 8.5 (circa 1997). A pleasure to use the old efficient software again. It's a mini-newsletter with some great winter and fall specials. Enjoy!
July - August 2011.
It's been a LONG time since we put together a newsletter I know. I promise, we're not messing around, we've been very busy building bikes. I did take a few moments and put together a newsletter to let you all know what we've been up to. I hope you enjoy it!
October - November 2010.
This newsletter has some great values! Winter Bike Repair Class descriptions - Cycle Recycling - The return of 'Lay-a-way' - Deals of floor sample Rodriguez bicycles and more!!
July - 2010.
This newsletter is just a mini-newsletter. We've been so busy that I haven't had time to put together a standard sized newsletter. That's a good problem to have I guess. There's still some good specials in it though. Thanks for reading.
September - October 2009 (1.1 megabytes) The most affordable Travel bikes around - Floor Sample Special...Save $$$$$$ - Bikes for Buckets (trade-in program) - Winterize your bike - Have some Class - Solve the puzzle - Much much more!!!
July 2009 (1.7 megabytes)
Chaos, The New Standard - The Best Deal in the World - How to choose a commuter bike - Now offering Frame Building Courses! - Stretch Your Budget - Some Last Minute Ride Items - A couple of sweet Value Rides! - 6' 4" John and his 5' stoker check in - The on-line store is Rockin'
May 2009 (1.4 megabytes)
Sunnier Days Ahead - Bike and Pike Wrap-up - Commit to Commute! - The Navigator is now available - "How much is a Tune-up?" - The Rodriguez Kidback is Back! - Check out the items available in our new on-line store
January - February 2009 (1.2 megabytes)
The Bike and Pike Expo!! - Rodriguez Titanium Frames are here - The new Rodriguez Shiftless frame ($800) - R+E announces a new $1,599 bicycle that's made right here in Seattle - John can't stop raving about his new Trillium Big Squeeze brakes - Watch your toes, or wind up on your nose (toe overlap)
September - October 2008 (1.8 megabytes)
Push Pull or Drag - Gas Busters II - The Perfect Blend - Scott Edwards shouts out - Shiftless (single speed sweeties) - The Sub-27 pound Tandem is Revealed - Lights out for winter - Willie Weir is Hard-Boiled
July - August 2008 (1.9 megabytes)
What's Hot - Gas Busters - Just Your Size - Dan Jensen weighs in (at least his bike does) - Why we use 650 wheels on smaller bikes - What's up with the 9-speed gearing on the Rodriguez Touring bikes? - Lots and Lots of fun
May - June 2008 (1.8 megabytes)
Weight a Minute... - With a Grain of Salt - Bushnell goes Big - Marguerite kicks her friends butts! - Willie Weir checks in from Columbia - Bike Shops! Keep sending your customers to us (650 tires) - A new member of the R+E team - Bark Fooey
March - April 2008 (1.2 megabytes)
Pioneers and 'Profits' - Will the real Mr. Rodriguez please stand up - Devilish Details - Big Fast Wheels! - The Thomas Clan gets a new member - Welcome Pearl Izumi shoes - Fresh Squeezed Brakes? - Fit to Finish Quiz
Winter 2007 (2.2 megabytes)
Where's The Beef? - A Broken Record! Season wrap-up - Lee rises through the ranks - Thanks Tammy - A new best seller - Miles of Smiles (profile on 'the sales dept.' Smiley) - Victor and Eliosa discover tandem riding - Repair Class Schedule
August 2007 (1.6 megabytes)
Things are heating up at R+E Cycles - Gregg's fast touring bike - A message from Idaho - The Guy With The Shoes (profile on head mechanic John) - Travel bike season is back - Larry and Sharyl go to Germany - Four new sweet Rodriguez bikes to choose from
May 2007 (3 megabytes)
Willie Weir's South East Asia Show - Bill Thorness Slide Show - Organization of the Organization (Amber) - Signs of change (restoring the old sign) - Christmas Card from the Shuhart Family - Get you 'Phil' (Wood that is) - The Big Squeeze is here - OS X is up and running (7 years after its introduction) - Techno Gadgets
March 2007 (1.8 megabytes)
Behind the Scenes - Team Rodriguez - The 2007 Rodriguez Bike Line-up - Just Your Size - A Work of Art (The most advanced fitting bike) - Two New Playgrounds (websites) - Bye Bye Beige - One of the Lightest Road Bikes Made, and it's steel! - Upgrade your Co-motion tandem to a Bushnell eccentric - Limitless Possibilities
September 2006
Time Sure Flies - Repair Classes - A Freindly Reminder - A Letter From Nina - NEXT fit Services - It's a Gas Saver - Winter Commuting Specials and Features - The new Houdini Travel Bike - The fastest turn-around in the industry - A new Brake - An old derailleur hanger - The Bushnell Eccentric EBB - Update your old bike
July 2006
Status Report - Favorite Recipe - Meet Todd the Framebuilder - A Letter from Carol - Where's Willie - Travel Sport Bikes - Touring Equipment - GPS for bikes - Jenise's Jammers - Connie and Scott get married
May 2006
What's hot in 2006 - The Time is Right - A Letter from Mike and Angela - Angel Rodriguez Pays us a Visit - How Light is a Trillium? - Our 15 Sizes Fit People Better - Sweet Upgrades for your Bike - the 2006 Staff
February 2006
No Rest for the Wicked - How we fit Bicycles at R+E Cycles - Rare Birds (The Wright Brothers) - (What's NEXT) All about our Bicycle Fitting software - A new way of manufacturing bicycles - Bikes that Steel the Show - The 2006 Rodriguez bike line-up
September 2005
Where's Willie - Repair Classes - A Letter from Joseph Dillard - Winterizing your bike - A feature on Dale and Carmel - S3 bikes - The Bushnell Eccentric BB - A wrap-up of the 2005 season
July 2005
The Perfect Blend of Comfort and Performance - A tandem feature on Louis, Becky, Dan and Courtney - A feature on FSA K-Wing bars - Stretch your budget not your Chain - Serfas sunglasses - Tandem Brakes (tech talk) - What's hot for 2005
May 2005
Equal rides for Men and Women - The Stellar becomes an industry standard - A Letter From Bruce and Karen - Triathlons for the Beginner - Single Speed Bikes are the Rage - Dan's First Custom Bike - Detours Handlebar bags - How much is a Tune-up - Repair Classes - A Cartoon by Nicholas
March 2005 (1.2 megabytes)
Here We Go Again - The Rodriguez Ultralights - Big, Fast Wheels (by Stacia) - A Letter From Mike - My quest for a light, comfortable bike - Travel bikes - Meet the Bushnells - The 2005 Repair Staff - A Cartoon by Nicholas
September 2004 (1.0 megabytes)
Reincarnation for your bike - Repair Classes - A Willie Weir Winter - A Letter From Sean - Indoor Stage Races, Indoor Triathlon - Stacia's Winter Training Tips
July 2004 (1.5 megabytes)
There's a lot going on at R+E Cycles - Shimano vs. Campagnolo (no contest) - The Most Stellar Stellar yet - What's Hot in 2004 - A Letter From Mike C. - A Swim in the Wild (by Paul Lundgren) - Unreal Steel (A Letter From Stacia) - The Really Rainy Rally (Tandem Rally '04) - The New RAPsody Ride - Phil Wood hubs
April 2004 (0.6 megabytes)
All we can say is WOW (our busiest season ever) - R+E Cycles coffee shop (Pedal-a-latte) -KHS Tandems -A couple of Lightweights (a comparison between Scandium aluminum and S3 Steel)
March 2004 (1.0 megabytes)
The Feel of Steel - Built for Comfort - Stacia's Training tips - Sweet new rack trunk - Bikes for Women - Bikes that Fly - Tandem Tech Talk (cantilever brakes) - The Matrix
January 2004 (1.2 megabytes)
Where's Willie - Welcome Back Stacia - Cycling indoors - Introducing the Ultimate Travel Bike - Calories to Burn (training tip)
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