The Kidback is Back!

Hand made in USA In a Chainring

Way back in the late 1970s we used to make something we called the Rodriguez Kidback. It consisted of a kit that allowed you to put a set of cranks up on the seat tube of a tandem to allow for a small child to ride in the stoker position. Burley started mass producing the same type of item, and we just ordered from them through the 1990s until they went away last year.

We're pleased to announce that the Rodriguez Kidback is back in action at R+E Cycles, and it's better than ever! Like I said, if we need something, we can always make it. If you have, or know someone who has a tandem and would like to ride with kids on the back, just send them our way and we'll get them set up.

Just $349 or
$429 installed

The complete parts of the Rodriguez Kidback spread out Grace on the back of a tandem using a Rodriguez Kidback

The Towle Family on their Quad tandem, using 2 Rodriguez Kidbacks

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