How to Order your Rodriguez Bicycle

Email or call (206)-527-4822 for an in-shop appointment.

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Starting your bike

If you already know your perfect bicycle size, or you have a bicycle that you feel is exactly right, you can do one of the following:
  • Email us the sizing information and we'll determine if a stock size or a custom size will be the best fit
  • Email us the size, make, model and year of your favorite bike and we will try to look it up
If you'd like to browse sizing info for our 20 production sizes to see if you think you will need to have a custom size made, you can do that here.

If you've already had a custom bicycle made for you, and you love it, then you may have the exact numbers for that frame and we can duplicate them. Scan, or take a picture and email them to us.

Note: If you've had a professional bike fit done, and you have those numbers, let's start there. Simply email a scan or a picture of the worksheet to us, and we'll get back with you.

Your body is unique. We need several measurements to help ensure proper fit. If you have an existing bike, it is often helpful to get some measurements from it.

To measure your body, you will need a partner, pencil and paper. Simply follow along with this video. Write your measurements down as you take them. If you prefer, we have an instructional page here as well as a PDF download. Feel free to email us at any point with questions.

To measure your bike, you just need a tape measure. Follow our online written instructions, or the instructions on the PDF download. Once your measurements are written down, you can do one of the following:

Once we have your numbers, we can start to determine which of our 20 sizes will best fit your body best. If you need custom geometry, we can start that process at this stage.

After your fit information has been submitted or determined, it's time for a discussion. What are your goals for this bike? We can help you find the model that best fits these goals if you're unsure. We'd love to help you determine the best model for you.

You can:

  • Browse models here if you know the style of bicycle you're looking for
  • Or, tell us your story - email us with your goals and any other pertinent information and we'll help you select a model
Here's a brief description of the different geometries that we make and what type of riding they are designed for.

Now that we have determined the size and model, we will have a pretty good idea of the price. Now, we can take a deposit and begin design work. We ask for a 50% deposit to begin making your new bicycle.

Payments can be made by the following methods:

  • Call us (206.527.4822) with a credit card number (most common)
  • Send a check or money order in the snail mail

    R+E Cycles
    5627 University Way NE
    Seattle, WA 98105

  • Send a card number via secure email - email us for instructions on this method
  • Shipping and Handling
    If we are shipping the bicycle to you, there will be no sales tax:-) But, remember, there will be shipping & handling charges.

Sometimes, this is the most difficult part of the process, but also the most fun!

You'll have the option of 4 standard colors (or about 30 custom colors) and many different decal styles. We can make your bike look just about anyway you want it to. You can see all our colors, including decal options, on our paint page.

When you buy a bike from us, we see it as the start of a long-term relationship. You're not buying a bike, but an entire bike shop.

We're still here after your bike arrives. Once your bike arrives, you may have several questions or need some instruction. What if your bike arrives damaged? We've thought of that too.

Read our full welcome page to see what you can expect once your new bike arrives.

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