How will my bike arrive?

Assembly - Our professional staff will fully assemble your bicycle and give it a thorough test ride. We like to try and shake out any issues before we box and ship the bike. We are one of those rare manufacturers that has a complete repair shop as well. For you, this means that your bicycle is assembled by a mechanic that repairs as well as assembles bicycles. Such a professional will take more care to assemble the bike in such a way as to have less problems down the road.

At R+E Cycles, most of our customers use us as their repair shop, so we know the issues that will arise if certain things are not done a certain way. These guys are also at your service down the road via email and phone if you need mechanical advice on your bicycle as well. R+E Cycles is one of the only manufacturers that allows for direct contact between the mechanic and the customer. This is one of the intangible benefits you get when you buy whole bike shop, not just a bike.

Boxing - When we box the bike up, we take great care to leave it as assembled as possible. If the bike is not a travel bike (S&S coupling version), the reassembly on your end will usually consist of just a few steps.

For our travel bike customers, we have a printed instruction sheet as well as a DVD step by step to teach them the method of dis-assembly and re-assembly that works best.

We will keep you updated on the expected ship date and progress during this period. Things move pretty fast and soon we're at the shipping date.