What if I like the bike as is, but I've been told I need a custom frame to fit my body?

Whoa.....hold on there a minute......
Some people, before talking with us, have worked with a fitting specialist somewhere else that told them they need a custom bike. Well, keep in mind that most bike manufacturers only offer 4 or 5 sizes of each model their bikes. At Rodriguez, we offer 18 sizes in each model. Within these sizes, we can fit 95% of our customers. This means that we have a lot more to work with than any other dealer in the country.

Now, if you're one of the 5% or so that still don't fit any of our production bikes, you're still looking in the right place. The great thing about having our own frame shop right here in house is that we can build anything. Lot's of people don't really want to go through all of the expense and decisions that a full custom bike entails, so we offer our 'customized' frame plan.

Here's how it works:

If you want a bike that we offer, and the only change that you want to make is the geometry of the frame, it will only cost you $200. That's it! When you download the order form, there will be an option for it, and we will work with you on sizing options just like you were ordering a custom.

Now for some of you, it may be disappointing to hear that you may not need a custom frame. It's OK, you can buy a custom just because you want a custom frame. At Rodriguez, it's not much more expensive to buy a custom frame and choose your colors, braze-ons, etc......