"Can you build my bike with XXXXXX components?"

Short answer: Yes

Many people have different preferences for components. Way back when, we didn't list any components and just let the customer choose any parts they wanted, and we gave them a price quote. This made it difficult for customers to compare our bicycle pricing to other brands, as most companies offer a full bike. So, we devised some specific models with suggested parts for catalog purposes. It's not really in our nature to 'lock' anyone into a component group, gear ratio, type of shifters, etc...

We are very comfortable putting together a bicycle with any components that you prefer. People are often surprised to find how flexible we are when it comes to customizing the components on any specific model. I guess that most customers are used having little or no options beyond what's listed on the spec sheet, and that's why we get this question a lot.

So, if you want a Rodriguez bicycle equipped with parts that you don't see listed, please email us for a quote....we're happy to oblige.