Sample of drawings

Here are three drawing files that were created when working with a recent long distance customer. This customer had an existing bike (not a Rodriguez) that he was not comfortable on, so the new Rodriguez design was going to be quite different. After several emails back and forth, we came up with a design. Here are the drawings that I sent him:

The Old Fit

This first drawing shows the customer's existing fit. I created this drawing using several data points. I looked up the specs for his old frame on-line using the model and model year. I sent him instructions and had him measure the 'fit' points. Lastly, I had him send some photographs of the bicycle, and some of him riding the bicycle. since he was uncomfortable on his current fit, we didn't want to replicate it.

Proposed New Fit

The second drawing shows the proposed 'new fit' for his touring bike. This is the design that he settled on as just right. This design was developed using his fit numbers, as well as information attained through a few emails back and forth. I wanted to know the riding style, age, injuries, etc... before recommending a new fit that was so different than his old fit.

Direct Comparison

The third drawing is an 'over-lay' of the two previous drawings. The old fit is in red, the new fit is in blue. This way the customer can see the very real differences between the old fit, and the new fit.