Dynamo, or Generator Front Hub

Shimano Alfine generator hub

SONdelux generator front hub

Dynamo is a term that generically refers to a front bicycle hub that doubles as a power generator.

If you are a year round commuter/cyclist and are tired of dealing with dead, battery powered lights you can get some peace of mind by choosing a dynamo front hub upgrade with your new Rodriguez bike.

Along with powering any number of L.E.D. head and tail lights, you can even get a USB port and charge your phone, gps unit, or other device as you ride! Ride with confidence and quit worrying about buying or charging batteries.

Here at R+E Cycles, we've worked with several brands Dynamo hubs, and have settled on a few that we find the most effective. For the cost effective model, we like the Shimano Alfine. It works very well, and is amazingly inexpensive.

For the 'only the best will do' model, we like the Schmidt hubs. We use the Schmidt SONdelux for the lower friction model for those riding at higher speeds. For the world traveller who prefers higher output at lower speeds, specify the Schmidt SON 28.