Do you have any Rodriguez dealers in my area?


If you want to visit some of the out-of-state customer entries in our online-scrapbook, here's a few of them:

Although we sell almost 50% of our Rodriguez bikes to customers outside of Washington State, we don't have any dealers except for ourselves. Almost all of our out of state customers and those from outside of the United States use our instructional materials to measure themselves. They work with us directly via email and telephone to determine their proper size and work out all of the other details. I realize that our bikes are a considerable investment, so as a company, we work hard for all of our customers no matter where they are located. We have an online ordering guide here.

We haven't found a way to replicate what we do for our Rodriguez customers and export it to a shop outside of R+E Cycles. We really believe that when you buy a bicycle, you are buying a relationship with that shop and manufacturer. We make frames to spec for other manufacturers via wholesale, but a Rodriguez is different because you can only get it from us. Whether you like it or not, we here at R+E Cycles are part of your new bike, so it's only fitting that we work directly with you to create it.

Have a favorite dealer in your area?
If you don't live in our neck of the woods and you already have a favorite dealer that you'd like to work with, but you want one of our bikes, we can still help you. Every year we work with some out of state customers who have a favorite dealer but want to buy one of our bikes. If this is your situation, just let us know, and we'll be happy to contact the dealer and let them know we have a customer in common. This can help smooth over any difficulties that may arise due to hurt feelings etc. After all, we're not just a bicycle manufacturer, we are also a local bicycle dealer out here in Seattle. We want small dealers to succeed because we are one. We encourage you to support your local dealers, but that doesn't mean you can't have a Rodriguez bike.

In almost every case, we are able to contact your dealer and create a very positive working relationship with them. Most of them understand that you are not rejecting them, but simply choosing to purchase a bicycle that they do not offer. The wise dealer will be happy to work with you (and us) to make your experience a positive one. They understand that you will need plenty of accessories and service in the future. A smart dealer also understands that a happy customer will send their local friends and family in for that service as well.