What is the weight of a Rohloff equipped bike?

According to Rohloff, the weight difference is nominal. Their website claims that their set-up is about 1/3 lbs heavier than a standard derailleur set-up. We have been building with Rohloff for several years now, and we can say that a touring bike with a Rohloff hub set-up is about 2 pounds heavier than the same bike equipped with our standard gear. I'm not sure why there is that discrepancy, but it is what we have experienced.

Our standard $2,000 touring bike in a medium size will weigh in at an honest 22 ~ 23 pounds with pedals...add a Rohloff set-up and you're looking 24 ~ 26 pounds with pedals.

Bottom line: A Rohloff equipped bike is not really the best choice if uber-lightweight is your objective.