I do get a lot of requests for sponsorship, and I answer them this way. We want to bring the best value to the market by building the best bike we possibly can for the lowest price that we can afford to sell if for. We see our customers as our team and we sponsor them with 'over-the-top' service and excellent prices. We focus our advertising efforts to that end in hopes that the word of mouth will bring us new customers.

I realize that a lot companies out there give away products and services to get exposure. I'm not sure how a company affords to do that. I would rather spend that money retaining good staff, or on improving my products. If you've looked through our online scrap book and read the entries, realize that none of them received their bicycles or products for free, but rather chose us to be their bike company.

That being said, I would certainly love to have you as a customer. I think that if you were to purchase a bicycle from us you would find that the service and value we provide would be something you would be proud to promote as the best.

What about Willie?
Some of you have noticed that we have a strong relationship Willie Weir, and one that we even call a sponsorship. This is not a standard 'sponsorship' though, one where we hand them products and they say good things about them. We view Willie and his wife Kat as more a part of R+E Cycles. Willie chose us when other, bigger companies offered much more in products, services and financial support (I hope Willie isn't reading this). Being local here in Seattle, he and his wife have been with us through good times and bad. We appreciate the help that they've given to us through the years, and hope that we've done some good for them as well. In reality, I think Willie might be sponsoring us.

Let me know if you would like to join our team.