Gimme the Works!

So you really wanted a new bike this year, but it's just not in the budget? Besides, that old bike is working pretty well, it's just kind of.....well....ugly. What were you thinking anyway when you bought that thing back in the 1980's? Sure, you can say that it's the only color that it came in, but we know.....we were there too. And now that you think about it, isn't it time to have that thing serviced anyway? Have we got the deal for you! We can make that old bike look and run like new for a fraction of the cost of a new bike!

It just so happens that we have a full frame and paint shop, so that old steed of yours can live on! Our winter restoration special has become a tradition around these parts, and people email me every September wondering when we're going to run this promotion again. It's your lucky day, now is the time. Usually, an overhaul/paint job for your bike is $800. If you bring in your bike between September 15th and December 31st, we'll give it the works for just $550 (Only $500 for Rodriguez bikes). A $250 discount is nothing to sneeze at!

We started running this winter special back in 2003 or so, and it turned out to be a win/win situation for the customers as well as the repair and paint shop! That one little special keeps us going strong through the winter, and gives those customers who took us up on it a fantastic looking, as well as fantastic performing bicycle! It doesn't matter how old your bike is, a fresh coat of paint and an overhaul will make it seem new. Several women brought in Stellars from the early years (1996-97) and had them custom painted and overhauled with this coupon. One in particular had the bike painted Sunrise Yellow, and the old brakes were white. She originally thought she should buy some new brakes for it, but I suggested that painting the brakes to match the bike would give her bike a great conversation starter!

"All right already, I'm sold! Now how do I get 'the works' for my bike?" You ask? That's easy. Just roll that old steed into our repair shop and say "Give me the works!"

e-mail or call us at 206.527.4822 to make your appointment today!

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