Turn-around time

If you want to visit some of the out-of-state customer entries in our online-scrapbook, here's a few of them:

Once the deposit is made and the paint/decals decided, the bike goes into production.
Current wait times are updated on our home page
The Waiting Time
While the bike is being manufactured, most people are very excited and send emails asking how it's going etc. We don't mind this at all, and often I will venture down to the frame shop and snap a few photos to email your way. It's fun to see the bicycle being created. Those folks that live here in Seattle get to come in and watch, so why not let the out of state customers have some of that fun too?

Small changes in component choices and such can be made during this time, but may affect the final delivery date if parts are not available. Some things we can't control.

A lot of people use the waiting time to select accessories for us to install during final assembly. Computers, racks, clipless pedals, panniers, water bottle cages and fenders are just a few of the things that people will add to their order during this time.

Rapid Response - Some people have extenuating circumstances that require the bicycle to their door faster than that, so here's the time that we would work that out. We have built full custom bikes, and had them at the customer's door step in less than a week when it needed to be that way. Most people plan a little further ahead. Let us know if your bike will need to be rushed.