Welcome to the Team!
After Your Bike Arrives
With most companies, once the bike has shipped, it's the end of the process. With R+E Cycles though, you've purchased a whole bike shop, and we see this as the beginning. Once you receive your new bike, you'll have more questions and need a lot more service. This is why it's important to select your manufacturer well. As a manufacturer that works directly with customers everyday in our retail store, we are set up for servicing customers for the long term.

Full online ordering procedure is here.

Some things that you may need as soon as you receive your new bicycle:

Instruction - You may need some instruction on how something works or how to assemble something. We're here to help by phone (206.527.4822) or by email.

If you're not the most mechanical sort, don't worry, we've talked people through complete bicycle assemblies over the phone. We have some great mechanics that are used to instruction as we teach full classes here at the shop.

Fitting suggestions - Even with the strong emphasis on getting the fit right before we made the bike, there is often some tweaking that will need to take place once you've ridden the bike for a while. This is very common, and we consider it part of the purchase of a Rodriguez.

Sometimes we will send a few different sizes of stems for a customer to try. We don't charge for this type of thing as most companies will. We see you as part of our team, and we want you to be happy with your Rodriguez.

We Aim to Please!
We work with you by phone or email until you are comfortable on your new bike. The way we see it, we have nothing to gain by having Rodriguez customers unhappy with their new bikes.

Help with your surly bike mechanic - Obviously as a long-distance Rodriguez customer, you will sometimes have to take your bike to a bike shop in your area for accessories, service or assistance. Sometimes, an employee not familiar with the components or the brand will take the opportunity to run down your decision to purchase a Rodriguez. This is an unfortunate thing that can happen, but if it does, realize that it is envy talking, and not a condemnation of your decision making. If something that they say bothers you, I am happy to talk with them personally.

There are a lot of little quirky things that we do to make our bikes work better other brands (as you read through my site you'll see that). Most of these things other shops have never seen before. A lot of our bikes come with Campagnolo components, and most shops never see Campagnolo components.

A good rule of thumb is to remember this riddle: How many bike mechanics does is take to change a light bulb? Answer: One.....but it takes 99 more to stand around and tell you how they could do it better ;-)

No matter what, remember that we've been out here making bicycles since 1973. We wouldn't have that track record if we didn't have at least some 'method to our madness'. If you ever have any question about why we did something a certain way on your bike, just email me personally and I'll be glad to answer.