- The Perfect Fit -

Read about our NEXT-fit Bicycle Fitting system.

Look at these guys.
Not one of them will spend more than a few hours of their lives wearing a tuxedo, yet each one spent an hour getting fitted for one. Measurements were taken of waist, torso, arms, etc. When the tux was picked up, buttons might have been moved or a sleeve length altered, possibly pants hemmed.

Think about your last bike fitting. Was your inseam measured? Your arm length? Your torso? Shoulders, hands or feet? Did your salesperson ask about any special circumstances you might have? How about any old injuries? Was your age, experience level and flexibility taken into consideration? Did you spend more than 1/2 hour with you before the 'perfect' size was recommended?

When the salesperson selected your bike, how much time was spent making sure the fit was comfortable before they sent you out on a test ride? Was the saddle adjusted front to back as well as up and down? Did they set you up on a stationary trainer and work on the reach to the handlebars?

After you paid for the bike, were further adjustments made? Were the brake levers set properly for your hand size? Were the toe clips right for your foot size? Did your sales person spend time with you teaching you about the gears? These are some of the things we do at R+E Cycles when we sell any bike.

If 'no' was the answer to any or all of these questions, then the bike is not as comfortable as it should be.

Unfortunately, a lot of people don't know that various brands of bicycles are designed to fit people differently and they end up on a bicycle that doesn't fit like it should. This can result in discomfort, soreness, or numbness in knees, shoulders, back, neck, or worse!

Fit = Comfort = Better Performance

At R+E Cycles fitting bicycles is serious business. In fact, we've dedicated huge resources to developing fitting techniques over the last 30 years. These efforts have resulted in the most advanced bicycle fitting system ever created, the NEXT fit System.

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