"Why don't you list your frame geometries on your web site?"

New for 2017

We now have frame size information and geometry information on our bicycles up on the site.

Rodriguez Frame Sizes

Rodriguez Frame Geometry Info

Short Answer: We like to personalize our service.

Read some of the out-of-state customer entries testimonials in our online-scrapbook.

Longer Answer:
Publishing geometry would tend to lead one to believe that our sizes are somehow limited to those published. For other manufacturers, custom frames are either not done or are few and far between....not at Rodriguez. For our customers, sizing is unlimited and we don't want you to think that you must try to fit into one of our stock geometries. We want your bike to be just your size.

That being said, we do make 20 stock sizes in addition to custom sizes. With that many sizes, there is a lot of overlap and nuance that should be taken into consideration before recommending a size. It's difficult for most people without years of experience fitting bicycles to understand some of the very minor differences between all of those sizes and options. For this reason, we like to boil it down for you to a few choices to look over. Once you're seriously considering a Rodriguez, we can send drawing samples for you to consider showing any specification that you would like to compare.

Some people have a bicycle that fits them perfectly and would like to know if we make a bicycle of that same size. In these cases, we simply ask you to email us the specifics that are important to you, and we will be happy to send you a drawing and specifications of any size(s) that we make that will fit just like that.

Some people would like to see what a drawing of a frame that will fit them will look like before they order. In these cases, after we've worked through the fitting process, we simply email a drawing of the recommended size to you so you can see what it will look like.

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