May 9, 2016

Hi Scott!

Just want to let you know that our bicycle tour in Japan went well.

I rode my Rodriguez bike mainly on Shikoku Island, so if you like, another push pin marker can be added to your world map--a blue one, if possible!

We were fortunate to be in Japan during the cherry blossom season and I've included a couple of photos.

I loved the low gears on my new bike, especially on the 3000 feet climbing day! The shift/brake levers worked well too, so I'm glad we put on the Microshift 3x9 Short Reach--look Ma, I can brake from the hoods! When carrying the bikes on the train, we had to take the front wheel off, strap it onto the frame, then bag the bike before boarding. Since I wasn't carrying much of a load for the tour (small bag on the rear rack and the Vaude handlebar bag) I chose to ride with the lightweight wheels--what a pleasure taking on and off those lightweight 650mm wheels!

We saw few road bikes and no one touring with panniers. But, one fellow (riding a Ridley) who we rode together for a short while, noticed how small my bike was and I was happy to tell him that I had it built for me by a great little bike shop in Seattle...

Thanks for your help!


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