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"A travel bike built for two... I mean one... I mean two"

The Rodriguez Eight-Ball is unique in the cycling world. This tandem converts from a bicyle for two right into a bicycle for one by removing the middle of the frame; and setting it up once the frame is apart takes only a few minutes (once you've had some practice). As if that wasn't cool enough, you can take the frame apart to get it into cases safe and secure and small enough for plane travel!

The Rodriguez Eight-Ball comes with all the custom sizing you expect from a Roriguez tandem, free of charge, and the components we use are ready for the stresses of tandem riders working in, well, tandem. With 26" wheels the bike packs into cases for flying easily and allows us to build strong, durable wheels for all your tandeming needs. The Eight-Ball is available in 3 different frame designs for your riding and sizing preferences.

We've built Rodriguez Eight-ball tandems for several couples, including the Trickels who spent a year riding around the world on it.

Since 1997, the Rodriguez 8-ball has been the most versatile convertible bike on the market
The Story - When S&S couplings first came out, I immediately thought about a 'convertible' bike. One that would not only pack into a small flight case, but serve as both a traveler's single bike and a traveling couple's tandem bike. It made sense to me. I drew one up before we even had any couplings in stock. But, my head frame builder at the time didn't think it made sense, so we scrapped the project.

A few months later, our service manager drew up a design for a tandem that he could fit into a back pack. Our frame builder brought the design up to me (it looked very similar to the convertible that I had drawn), we combined the two designs, and with a few modifications, the Eight-ball was born.

It wasn't long after that when Willie Weir and his wife Kat came to us about getting a tandem for their tour in Cuba. Willie is a world class bicycle traveler, columnist and KUOW commentator. He bicycles in places around the world that are obscure and amazing. After hearing about their plan, we decided that the Eight ball would be the perfect bike for them.

Willie was to go to Cuba first, and tour by himself for an extended period of time. Then Kat would fly in and join him. Our thought was that Willie could just take the 'single' configuration with him, and Kat could bring the pieces for the tandem conversion with her. This way, they wouldn't have an extra bike to try and store somewhere in Cuba. The plan went perfectly.

In the years since, we've built several of these bikes. Everyone who has one loves it. We've even had one customer add a 3rd section to their Eight ball, and now it's a travel single, a travel tandem, and a travel triplet! The versatility is amazing.

There's no better test for a bicycle design than having someone like Willie and Kat tour where there are no roads, bike shops, or spare parts. The Rodriguez Eight ball has proven itself to be a travelers best friend time and time again. I encourage anyone who thinks they would like to travel with a bicycle to consider this versatile design.

Own the original...own a Rodriguez 8-Ball
Rohloff Hub Graphic

Rohloff Speedhub
This year, we've added a Rohloff drive option for the Eight-ball. We've developed a clean way of incorporating this unique design into a versatile tandem/touring bike.

One 8-ball frame design as a andem and as a single
The Rodriguez 8-Ball comes in 3 very
different frame designs
Willie with his single Willie and Kat Building their Tandem Willie and Kat with the Completed Tandem
Willie and Kat Converting their Rodriguez 8-Ball from Single to Tandem

There are 4 stock colors to choose from, and custom paint is quoted per job. There are 3 different Eight-Ball frame configurations ranging from $5,699 to $6,499.

Custom Rodriguez Eight-Ball frame from $5,699
(add $300 for Rohloff version frame) for the tandem/single/travel configuration. Also avaliable in Titanium from $14,299!

Full Bike Specs

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Eight-Ball Classic

Rohloff Eight-Ball


From $7,199.99

From $9,699.99

Fork Tandem Cro-mo Steel Tandem Cro-mo Steel
Head set Alloy Sealed Cartridge Alloy Sealed Cartridge
Brake Levers Tektro Tektro
Shift levers Shimano Dura-Ace Bar-end Rohloff twist grip
Cranks Alloy Tandem Alloy Tandem
Brakes Trillium Big Squeeze™ Trillium Big Squeeze™
Stoker stem Rodriguez adjustable Rodriguez adjustable
Front Derailleur Microshift Triple None
Rear Derailleur Microshift Triple Rohloff 14-speed internal
Bar tape Black Cork Black cork
Tires Serfas Kevlar Belted Serfas Kevlar Belted
Bottom brackets Cartridge Sealed Cartridge Sealed
26" wheels with 3- year warranty with 3- year warranty
Rims Weinmann ZAC19 Weinmann ZAC19
Rear Hub White Industries Tandem Rohloff
Front hub White Industries Tandem White Industries Tandem
700c Wheels with 3- year warranty with 3- year warranty
Rims Velocity Dyad 48° Weinman ZAC19
Rear Hub White Industries Tandem Rohloff
Front hub White Industries Tandem White Industries Tandem
Handle bars Kalloy Uno Drop Kalloy Uno Drop
Seat Posts Alloy 27.2 Alloy 27.2
Spokes DT stainless steel DT stainless steel
Cogs Shimano cassette 9-sp Rohloff
Seats WTB Speed V WTB Speed V