Shiftless Track bike from Rodriguez
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Shiftless Fixie | Track Bike Frame $999

We remember these as track bikes, but you see them riding all over town these days. One of the best ways to lighten up a bike is to remove all of the seemingly necessary shifters, brakes, cogs, freewheel, derailleurs and chain rings.

Sound crazy? It's really fun though, and we're selling a lot of them!

Why run with the crowd?

Seems like everyone has the same mass-produced fixie frame, so why not get something unique?

At Rodriguez, you'll get a Reynolds 725 butted steel frame, hand-built in Seattle, specifically for you by a Master Frame Builder. You can choose from four stock paint jobs or go custom for just $100 extra. You get even more though! With a Rodriguez, you'll get to choose from 9 different decal options.

All of this for just about the same price as you'd pay for a generic frame, mass-produced overseas by the thousands! How could anyone ask for more? I think you'll find that a Rodriguez is the best value in the bicycle industry. Don't believe me? Talk to Ron P.

Rodriguez Shiftless frames are built in a more traditional (track) fit geometry, but have head and seat tube angles suited for road riding. We have the complete Shiftless geometries for all seven sizes available to peruse. If you prefer a less aggressive fit, you can get a Shiftless in one of our standard 18 sizes as well. We're easy! Heck, it's your bike, why not have it the way you want it?

The Shiftless is hand-made right here in Seattle, by the longest established frame building company in the city! The bike market hasn't seen a hand-built frame of this quality at this low of a price since the 1980's. We've even designed the bike for use with full fenders if needed. We thought is was time to offer something truly unique at an incredible introductory price.

A bike as unique as you are! -

Did you say custom? Most of our track/single speed bikes have at least one thing custom about them. Some are extremely custom. Since we build the bike here, we can go as basic or as berserk as you want to. Visit the image gallery to see a few of the cool designs that people have done. If you've got an idea, we can make it happen....and for a LOT less than you might think!

Our patented Bushnell eccentric chain adjuster is the product of choice for just about every high-end single speed bike manufacturer, and your Shiftless can make use of it as well. It allows you to never worry about making sure your chain is tensioned properly! Never worry about reinstalling your rear wheel if you get a flat!

Our bikes are as unique as our customers... they love our bikes, and we love them!

One of the most useful additions to any bike is the Rodriguez Travel option. With the use of S&S Machine Works couplers, you can take your bike with you when you fly! The frame comes apart on the top and down tubes to fit in a flight legal case in no time.
Shiftless Frame Upgrades
  • A Bushnell eccentric chain adjust system + $50
  • Schizo convertible (braze-ons for brakes and gears) + $75
  • Schizo with Bushnell ebb + $125
  • Custom Sizing + $200
  • Custom multi-color paint job + $100 ~ $600
  • Supertherm Tubeset + $350
  • S3 Tubeset + $800
  • Travel Version + $700
Shiftless Geometries
Seat Tube Length
Top Tube Length Seat Tube Angle Head Tube Angle Fork Rake Wheel Size
47 48 74 71 50 650C
49 50 73.5 71 50 650C
51 52.5 73.5 72 50 700C
53 54 73 73 45 700C
55 55.5 73 73 45 700C
57 57 73 73 45 700C
59 58 73 73 45 700C

Because of the aggresive nature of track frames, the Rodriguez Shiftless wasn't originally designed to use our standard 18 sizes. The Shiftless geometries were designed to give you the perfect combination of quick handling and tight wheelbase while reducing toe overlap.

However, for 2014 the Rodriguez Shiftless is also avaliable in our stock 20 sizes.

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